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Medallia Insights Suite

Get meaningful, video-powered insights, or crowdsource new ideas. This is your one-stop shop for understanding what people are thinking right now.

Getting Started

Rapid Multimedia Feedback

Medallia Promoter makes it fast and easy to collect video and audio feedback. Create your feedback campaigns here, and then leverage LivingLens and Crowdicity to expand their potential for new insights.

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Video Research and Analysis

Medallia LivingLens automates analysis of video, audio, and images through intelligent discovery of key themes, sentiment analysis, facial emotion, object identification, and more. Create video showreels you can share to create empathy and inspire action.

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Crowdsource New Ideas

Medallia Crowdicity makes it easy to rapidly crowdsource ideas from customer and employee communities. With the power of integrated video, you can spark the sharing and refining of new ideas that can have great impact.

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